Cottage By The Sea

Vogue Italia featured, once again, the controversial work of fashion photographer Steven Meisel. German models Toni Garrn and Katrin Thormann star in this cinema inspired editorial entitled "Cottage by the Sea" that was published in the magazine's November 2008 issue.
Hints of Ingmar Bergman's 1966 art-film "Persona" can be seen in these ambiguous, surreal pictures taken at a beautiful but gloomy seaside location.
Vogue Italia nov2008 cover
Vogue Meisel Toni Garrn
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 1
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 2
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 3
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 4
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 5
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 6
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 7
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 8
Vogue Meisel Katrin Thormann
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 9
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 10
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 11
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 12
Vogue Italia, November 2008
Editorial: "Cottage by the Sea"
Models: Toni Garrn and Katrin Thormann.
Photographer: Steven Meisel

Reflections of Glamour

From mild, floating mist are emerging figures of perfect elegance, illusory and sophisticate. They come to life rising from the boundaries of unearthliness. That is the description of this vintage-inspired fashion editorial entitled Reflections of Glamour and featured in March 2008 issue of Vogue Italia. Photographer Steven Meisel captures ethereal looking Kamila Filipcikova and Agnete Hegelund as old-school glamour muses in a dream-like atmosphere with mirroring and dissolving effects.
Vogue Italia march 2008
Vogue Italia March 2008
Pictorial: Reflections of Glamour
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful
Models: Kamila Filipcikova, Agnete Hegelund

Royal Couture

Here is another proof of Steven Meisel's photographic artistry in the form of a fashion editorial simply entitled “Couture”. With a styling that reminds me of 18th century European royal court paintings and especially of Queen Marie Antoinette, these Haute Couture designs are more than appropriate.
Featured in March 2005 issue of Vogue Italia the photo shoot gathers quite the bunch of top-models: Lydia Hearst, Malin Martensson, Kim Noorda, Ilona Kuodiene and Barbara Fialho.
Vogue Italia march 2005

Nina Ricci Spring 2009 RTW

One of the most beautiful and romantic collections for spring 2009 RTW season is signed by brilliant Olivier Theyskens for French house Nina Ricci. The designer focused on flowing, fluttery, trail-y dresses, short in the front and long in the back, which were inspired by dance movements.

Nina Ricci spring/summer 2009

The Enchanted Garden

Enjoy a wonderful pictorial starring supermodel Jessica Stam featured in Vogue Italia (November 2008 issue). The Enchanted Garden photo editorial, shot by London-based Norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø, gathers a series of surreal images in a blooming setting.
Jessica Stam plays this puckish character like depicted from a fairy tale and her angelic features, subtle smile and quirky hair-do (styled by Malcolm Edwards) helps a lot.
Vogue Jessica Stam
Vogue Italia Stam
Vogue Stam Sundsbø
Jessica Stam Vogue
"The Enchanted Garden", Vogue Italia
Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø

Burberry Spring/Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

A preview of Burberry spring/summer 2009 ads drives us in a romantic, tranquil mood intended by Creative Director Christopher Bailey for this season's campaign about which he stated "it is about a quiet, beautiful sense of luxury".
Burberry spring 2009 ads
Burberry spring09 campaign
Burberry spring09 ad
Burberry spring/summer 2009
Burberry ss09 ad campaign
Burberry campaign spring/summer 2009
Burberry ads spring/summer 2009
Ad Campaign: Burberry Spring/Summer 2009
Photographer: Mario Testino
Models: Lily Donaldson, Eden Clark, Alexina Graham, Richard Wyndham, Emily Hope, Alex Pettyfer, George Craig and Sam Beeton.

Vogue's Romeo and Juliet

Ballet dancer Roberto Bolle was invited by Vogue magazine (USA) to star alongside model Coco Rocha in a fashionable version of Romeo&Juliet. The "Love of a Lifetime" photo editorial shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz features in the magazine's December issue. The remarkable tall dancer (height six-three) has previous modeled for Salvatore Ferragamo and Gap label.
Vogue Romeo Juliet
Vogue Coco Rocha
Vogue december 2008
Vogue Annie Leibovitz
Vogue Romeo&Juliet
Vogue Coco Rocha
Vogue Annie Leibovitz

Club Campari: The 2009 Calendar

Wonderful Jessica Alba is the image of Campari 2009 Calendar that celebrates 10 years of "Red Passion" by creating a new space of pure pleasure and elegance. "Club Campari", inspired by the most select club in the world, is a captivating destination where main character is femme fatale Jessica Alba, captured by the well-known photographer Mario Testino. She epitomizes the mix of beauty, sophistication and joie-de-vivre.
Campari 2009 January
Campari 2009 February
Campari 2009 March
Campari 2009 April
Campari 2009 May
Campari 2009 June
Campari 2009 July
Campari 2009 August
Campari 2009 September
Campari 2009 October
Campari 2009 November
Campari 2009 December
Campari 2009 Cover

Dolce & Gabbana fall/winter 2008/2009 ad campaign

Dolce & Gabbana delivers one of the most interesting advertising campaigns of the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 season. Shot in an urban night scene, the ads have a strong dramatic effect owed to edgy fashion photographer Steven Klein, who is known for his dark, erotic, surreal visual aesthetics.
The story of these ads (both womenswear and menswear) talks about a night out with the gang, which is not looking to be a nice pastime. The shots capture Dolce&Gabbana's over-the-top glamour but induce also a quite disturbing feeling.
Dolce&Gabbana F/W campaign
Dolce&Gabbana 2008/09 campaign
Dolce&Gabbana ad campaign
Dolce&Gabbana F/W 2008/09 campaign
Dolce&Gabbana womenswear campaign
Dolce&Gabbana F/W campaign
Dolce&Gabbana 2008/09 campaign
Dolce&Gabbana ad campaign
Dolce&Gabbana F/W 2008/09 campaign
Dolce&Gabbana menswear campaign
Dolce&Gabbana fall2008/winter2009 ad campaign
Photographer: Steven Klein
Models: Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson, Caroline Trentini, Evandro Soldati, David Gandy, Noah Mills, Adam Senn, Sean Harju.

Givenchy Couture Fall 2008

Riccardo Tisci has done for Givenchy what Nicolas Ghesquière achieved at Balenciaga: making the brand his own, giving it a young, modern, urban edge. Of course the classic Givenchy spirit remains intact through sharp tailoring and attention to detail. But the gothic-glamour style, biker jackets and head-to-toe one-color outfits are Tisci's signature.

Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2008

Recollections of the Fall

Magalie Daignault is captured by the lenses of Canadian photographer Nelson Simoneau for the October issue of Pure Magazine. The fashion editorial called "Souvenirs D'Automne" shot in a Catholic cemetery evokes Italian Cinema dramas of 50s/60s with its retro styling and with Magalie playing "la bella vedova" - a beautiful and young widow. She reminds me of sultry diva Anna Magnani in those pics, especially when dressed in the Prada black lace dress.
Pure Magazine october 2008
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 2
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 3
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 4
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 5
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 6
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 7
Magalie Pure Magazine Simoneau 1
Pure Magazine, october 2008
Model: Magalie Daignault
Photographer: Nelson Simoneau

Hermès fall/winter 2008/09 ad campaign

One of the most beautiful fall/winter 2008/09 ad campaigns is "An Indian Winter" by Hermès. The luxury French fashion house called on National Geographic photographer Eric Valli to evoke an escape through the snowy mountains, featuring always fascinating Mariacarla Boscono and a very interesting male model (didn't found the name, yet).

Hermès fall/winter 2008/09 ad campaign

Emilio Pucci fw 2008/09 ad campaign

The latest ad campaign for Emilio Pucci benefits from the photographic talent of controversial Juergen Teller and from the presence of graceful, captivating Italian model, Mariacarla Boscono.

Juergen Teller, known for the "snap-shot aestetics" in fashion manages to create a perfectly viable mix between colorful, seventies inspired Emilio Pucci designs, the harsh light and overwrought setting: lavish, slightly baroque interiors.

Emilio Pucci f/w 2008/09
Emilio Pucci Mariacarla Boscono
Emilio Pucci fall/winter campaign
Emilio Pucci ad campaign
Emilio Pucci Mariacarla campaign
Emilio Pucci Juergen Teller
Emilio Pucci f/w 2008/09
Emilio Pucci Mariacarla Boscono
Emilio Pucci fall/winter campaign
Emilio Pucci ad campaign
Emilio Pucci Juergen Teller
Mariacarla Boscono Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci f/w 2008/09 ad campaign
Photographer: Juergen Teller
Model: Mariacarla Boscono

Roberto Cavalli fw 2008/09 ad campaign

Some of the best looks from Roberto Cavalli's romantic, "Peruvian" collection of A/W 2008/09 season are beautifully captured by photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for the label's latest ad campaign.
Roberto Cavalli Isabeli Fontana
Roberto Cavalli Frankie Rayder
Roberto Cavalli fall 2008
Roberto Cavalli fall campaign
Roberto Cavalli Frankie 2008
Roberto Cavalli Isabeli 2008
Roberto Cavalli Raquel 2008
Roberto Cavalli Angela Lindvall
Roberto Cavalli Raquel&Isabeli
Roberto Cavalli Frankie&Isabeli
Roberto Cavalli Angela 2008
Roberto Cavalli Raquel 2008
Models: Isabeli Fontana, Raquel Zimmermann, Angela Lindvall, Frankie Rayder

D&G fall-winter 2008/09 ad campaign

The fall-winter 2008/09 ad campaign for D&G makes a fortunate step away from the tiresome images of care-free, partying young & beautiful people. The pictures shot by anglophile Mario Testino have as inspiration point old portrayals of the British royal family while the most of the collection itself was inspired by Helen Mirren in "The Queen".
D&G fall-winter 08/09
D&G fall-winter ad campaign
D&G 2008/09 ad campaign
D&G fall-winter 08/09
D&G fall-winter ad campaign
D&G fall-winter 08/09
Ad campaign: D&G fall-winter 2008/09
Photographer: Mario Testino
Models: Alice Burdeu, Aline Weber, Anett Griffel, Iris Strubegger, Martha Streck, Olga Sherer.


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