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Orbit Beauty

Beauty editorial entitled "Orbit" featuring a new-comer in the modeling world, Magalie Daignault, from Quebec. The pictures are signed by Toronto based photographer David moo King. Can you believe this girl is born in 1992? And yet how incredibly sophisticated she manages to look.

Model: Magalie Daignault

Photographer: David moo King


Magalie Daignault by moo


Wow, those are pretty terrible.

Does the photographer know anything about exposure, framing, composition, or form? Or is he/she trying for the amateur/novice snapshot look?

As it's name implies, Orbit Art, it is meant to look static and hold as little life as possible. I think for it's theme it's good, you have to be able to go one step further into understanding the concept of the photoshoot.

Notice the contours have a pattern, the orbit.

I think the first post is obviously written by an insecure-no-talent-having-likely-canadian-wannabe.
try include some intelligence to your comments, or better yet, post YOUR work.
you’re obviously incredible.
p.s. it DID make you react, and that is more than most photography can do.
learn from it.