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Lara Stone in Fiction Noire

One of the most controversial fashion editorials is signed by the one and only Mr. Steven Klein featuring Dutch model Lara Stone. Lara Fiction Noire was published in February 2009 issue of Vogue Paris, an entire number dedicated to the Nordic muse, who was nicknamed "gothic Brigitte Bardot" by designer Ricardo Tisci.
"Lara Fiction Noire" looks like a scenario of S&M (or BDSM?) went wrong. It reminds me of Heroes TV series (yep, that's right) where this frail blonde lady becomes a super strong monster when her bad personality gets through. Lara Stone has the body of a bombshell and the sex-appeal of all her fellow topmodels combined. But also the fierceness that propelled her to haute-couture. So there's nothing surprising that she inspired a violent-erotic photoshoot.
Sure, nobody can deny the visually stunning technical quality of these images or their commercial value, (it's a clever advertisement for D&G lingerie), but as artistic level, can comics be considered art? 
Lara - Vogue - Steven Klein 01
Lara - Vogue - Steven Klein 02
Lara - Vogue - Steven Klein 03
Lara - Vogue - Steven Klein 04
Lara - Vogue - Steven Klein 05
Lara uncensored Steven Klein
Lara Stone by Steven Klein

Fashion editorial: Lara Fiction Noire
Model: Lara Stone, Doug Porter, Travis Hanson + Unknown
Photographer: Steven Klein
Stylist: Marie-Amelie Sauve

image source: the imagist