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Club Campari: The 2009 Calendar

Wonderful Jessica Alba is the image of Campari 2009 Calendar that celebrates 10 years of "Red Passion" by creating a new space of pure pleasure and elegance. "Club Campari", inspired by the most select club in the world, is a captivating destination where main character is femme fatale Jessica Alba, captured by the well-known photographer Mario Testino. She epitomizes the mix of beauty, sophistication and joie-de-vivre.
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Campari 2009 Cover


love it, but i almost feel like it, or she is trying too hard. something feels forced.

or then again it might be the fact that ive spent over 4 hours surfing eras, fashion, recreations.

I love it so much! She's is so stunning! The clothes the men.. All beautiful. Although i hate the drink Campari, these photo's make me want to try it again.

Last years was much, much better !!! i had a chance to view it in the second issue of Eye Candy The Volumes and it blew my mind ...this is really a step down for Campari!!!